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Database Architecture

If you're running a SQL Server or MongoDB environment, FinTek Development has the tools for your environment from monitoring replication to building an ETL application to administering an environment with thousands of servers. If you prefer the cloud environment, FinTek Development has tools for AWS, Azure and Rackspace to cover your needs, along with support for smaller database engines, such as PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Supported Platforms:

SQL Server

Services: architecture, administration, development.


Services: architecture, administration, development.


Services: architecture, design, development.


Services: design and development with C#.

Replication Solution

Environments using FinTek Development's replication solution has resulted in over 2000 hours saved in troubleshooting errors, along with precise alerting that helps detect a problem before it becomes a disaster.

ETL Architecture

FinTek Development's ETL solution creates an automated approach to extracting data, manipulating data to satisfy client needs, and reporting on possible growing problems, reducing hours of troubleshooting.

Database Administration

Whether you're running Microsoft SQL Server instances, MongoDB, or PostgreSQL, FinTek Development has solutions to automate backups, restores, object deployments and other mandatory tasks to keep your environment safe.

Data Development

FinTek Development provides the most precise tools for data development across needs, including error detection, economic measurement and analysis, meaningful data reporting, among other tools for environments needing precision.

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